50th Reunion Pictures from Carolyn BEEDE Laney












































































Carol MEIRSWINSKI, her sister Josie, & Bob Weidman and Doug Taylor in the background

Jeanne MARTIN and husband with Pete Ognibene, Al Tortorella, and Ed Hutman

Gail SHERDAN and husband


Doug Taylor & wife Sue WITMER Taylor, Mark Rea & cousin Dianna Dix (‘62)

Barbara WHITON , Carolyn BEEDE ,

 and Joan SINGER

Bob Weidman - Rob Ciapetta - Pete Ognibene & wives

Bob Simpson - Ernie Fine - Dick Slye & wives

Allen Shapiro & wife, Ken Ahl, Ken Farley,

& Ben Mull

Jeanne MARTIN Day & husband Al, Carol MIERSWINSKI , and Carol's sister Josie

Ed Hutman & Ken Tucker

Don Mills, Ken Simons and wife Linnea, and Bob Marks

 and wife Patricia

Mike Lopes and wife, Dawn CHUBB,  Nancy POPE,

Valda FARRIS, & Charlie Graham

Carol HARDY and husband

Joan SINGER, Penny PATRAKIS, Ken Tucker, Ed Hutman’s wife, Donna HAYES and sister Linda Hayes (‘62)