Ray Stultz



Sorry to hear of Ray's passing.  He and I grew up together and went to Forest Grove Elementary and Montgomery Hills Junior before coming to Northwood.  Here are two quick stories about him:


First, in baseball he was a sucker for a high fast ball, especially one on the inside corner.  He must have struck out a hundred times swatting at pitches over his head.  But once, in a game against Gaithersburg or Richard Montgomery, he pole-axed that same pitch and sent it flying over the left fielder's head and out of sight.  He rounded the bases and jumped on the plate as if he'd smacked a walk-off homer in the last game of the World Series.  I felt great for him.


Second, when he and I were eight or nine years old, a big kid who lived in the veterans' housing near Sligo Creek Parkway stole my Washington Senators baseball cards.  I was in tears.  But Ray knew that this kid and his parents went to church at St. Bernadette's every Sunday, and he knew that the kid's sister kept a hide-a-key under the back steps.  So one Sunday morning Ray and I unlocked the back door, walked into the kid's house, and stole back my baseball cards.  On the way out, Ray took a detour into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, and took a package of Eskimo Pies out of the freezer.  We ate all the Eskimo Pies on the way home.  So there you have it, Ray Stultz and Ed Cohen, partners in crime.


Best to all,


Ed Cohen