Bill Norris



I would like to share a few thoughts about Bill Norris.   Bill was not what I would call a close friend in high school but he was the kind of guy that always had a friendly greeting and a very funny joke to share.   After high school Bill eventually moved out to Baltimore County where he had his accounting business.  We lived in adjoining Harford County and my wife and I would run into him at parties and at restaurants around the area.  He also took us sailing.   The thing about Bill was that no matter how long it had been since the last time we had seen him we would just pick up like it was yesterday.   In August of 2007 Bill invited us to a party at his beautiful home on Kent Island.  He was as always a gracious and wonderful host.  In October of 2007 he came to a party at our house where he was the life of the party, telling very funny stories and jokes.  In addition to being a very successful businessman Bill loved  life and lived it to the fullest.   I don't think he missed out on much in his life and his premature passing away in March of 2008 was both a shock and sad time for his countless friends and his family.  We really miss him.

Bob Marks (Moskowitz)