Kenny Ladd


I would like to share a few thoughts about Kenny Ladd.  In high school my memory of him is of him in that beautiful two toned Pontiac hard top cruising around the parking lot  at Northwood or the Hot Shoppe.   There would always be a good looking girl sitting close to I envied that guy.  I would not get a car until college and then it was a VW bug, sometimes with a good looking girl.  Kenny was one of the guys (Bob Dubin, Tony Pumphrey, Denny Rafkin and me) that joined the Coast Guard Reserve and arrived at Cape May for 4 months of boot camp in mid July of 1959.  Ken Simons and Gary Claypoole arrived sometime afterwards and they were not in our company.  While the rest of us looked more like extras on the set of McHale's Navy, Kenny was the epitome of the squared away seaman recruit.   He was always at the front of our marching column, taller than anyone else in the company and straight as an arrow, while the rest of us were kind of schlepping along as best we could.  I ran into Kenny a couple of times in later years in Carroll County where he lived and we always had a few laughs and shared memories.

Bob Marks (Moskowitz)