James Craig Richards, Jr.

September 19, 1940—August 20, 2012


James Craig Richards died Aug. 20 2012 from hypertension He spent 6 years in the Navy. A year traveling through Europe on his motor bike. Camping out wherever he could. An avid outdoorsman he loved biking, jogging, swimming and hiking. He had a passion for technology and all the latest trends. He loved music and nonfiction audio books. Would listen to them while on his inversion table. He never forgot his high school days and the friends he made. Leaves behind his sweetheart of many years, Patricia.

James died unexpectedly especially for such an active man. His eyes were donated for someone in need as well as for school training.

Patricia Rizzone


As I recall, Jim transferred to Northwood for his senior year. I got to know him while playing baseball for Northwood. He was easy to be with and I enjoyed his company. Sorry to see him go.

Ken Simons