Fred Schwartz


Fred was one of my closest friends in high school.  He had moved up from NW Washington and started school at Northwood in the 10th grade.  He did not know anyone at that time and we became friends.   If you did not Fred well he appeared to be a quiet bashful guy but once you broke down that barrier he was a good friend that would do anything for you.   We spent countless hours cruising around Silver Spring in his father's huge Oldsmobile 98 4 door hardtop with the windows open and the radio blaring out Chuck Berry, Elvis, Dion etc. etc.   Fred finally got his own car in our senior year.  It was a blue 4 door Nash Rambler.  Not quite a typical teen car but it had a large engine and was fast as hell.  Fred enjoyed pulling up to a stoplight next to some guy with a Chevy or Ford who would be sneering at the Rambler.  When the light changed the Rambler would take off like a shot leaving the guy in the Chevy or Ford wondering what happened, very good times indeed   Fred passed away in his mid 40's, well before his time.  After college I had moved to Virginia and we lost touch but re-established a relationship a few years before he died.   It seems like you just don't ever make such good friends as those that you had in high school!!!!

Bob Marks (Moskowitz)